Nicole will bring to the council her project management experience in collaboration and troubleshooting. As a mother and activist, she will lead with her values in all policy priorities. As a former social worker, she will center those most impacted by policy and will make sure to hold herself and her policies accountable to the city and communities. Nicole will center equity, and will always ask about unintended consequences, how success is measured, and  what lessons can be learned by other communities and cities that have already undertaken an initiative with a focus on not wasting resources by duplicating services. Here are some of the issues Nicole promises to fight for.


I will advocate for class size reduction.

I will strive to reduce reliance on standardized testing.

I will continue and expand school desegregation efforts.

Expanded affordable and free after school programs will be a priority.

Climate Crisis

I will help create a plan for an aggressive renewable infrastructure.

I will partner with Council Members and appropriate agencies to reduce waste to landfill and increase the organics collection program.

I will work to prepare Brooklyn and New York City for a new climate reality, including stopping waterfront development and protecting existing shoreline.

Improved and expanded public transportation is crucial for the city’s future and planning for it will be a priority.

I endorse the plan for a Renewable Rikers, using the island for renewable energy harvesting and storage, as well as waste water and organics management.

I support Public Power.


I will collaborate to prepare and implement comprehensive, city-wide plans for protected bike lanes and bus lanes.

I support the expansion of Fair Fares.

Pedestrian safety in any street or traffic planning efforts will be a priority.

Transparency and Accountability

I commit to attend regular community meetings across the district.

My Council office will be a resource for our community.

I will communicate frequently with constituents on City Hall committee meetings and hearings, encourage constituents to attend, explain my positions and share the results and next steps.

I will push for more transparency in City Council processes, especially regarding discipline and investigation of council members.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

I will fight to expand rent stabilized housing.

I will advocate to increase accountability and enforcement of predatory landlords.

I will work to create a path to permanent housing for housing vulnerable and homeless.